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The slow kind of earrings

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Where to find secondhand and vintage stores in different cities? What is it like to live a secondhand-fashion-only lifestyle? On my journal you will find stories about these topics and many other tips and tricks that help you navigate more sustainable fashion choices.

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Handmade Earrings

colourful earrings curl ocean6 ways to wear big earrings

Ocean hues

The handmade collection of earrings inspired by the simmering ocean. They are so light that you’ll be comfortable wearing them at any adventure.

colorful earrings desert style


Mallorca handmade earrings bring you on an adventure of dusty boulevards and twisting streets paved with stones. And an occasional orange tree.

love-heart shaped earrings


Buggiano handmade earrings conceal bits of witty desires. It is a gloriously sensual celebration of freedom and isolation. Who could resist?

Aloha! Hola! Ciao!

I am happy you’re here! My name is Mirjam and I founded Way Things Form platform to share all things maximalist, secondhand and sustainable. I believe that sustainable fashion shouldn’t be boring. On my journal you will discover lots of tips for pursuing colourful and luxury style with sustainable choices.

Way Things Form also has a small collection of slow (bot bold) earrings that are handmade in limited quantities. And since everyone should be able to wear bold earrings all day long, I’ve also made them super-light. The earring posts are made of gold plated 925 silver and each shape is carefully crafted by hand.