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From slow earrings to sustainable fashion

Way Things Form started off as a slow jewellery brand in 2020 founded by Estonian designer Mirjam Kristian. After gaining experience from renowed fashion brands, such as couture house Ralph & Russo, Mary Katrantzou and Reiss, she set out to create jewellery that would match exactly her own wildest dreams and get many bold women excited around the world.

As Mirjam Kristian started looking for ways to expand the idea of slow jewellery into clothing, she realised that the bad influence of the fashion industry on the environment is worse than one might think. So instead, she started exploring a #nonewclothes lifestyle which resulted in shopping only secondhand, and has now been her lifestyle for 2+ years. Way Things Form expanded into being a platform for sharing all things sustainable & secondhand, but always maximalist.

The Way Things Form earrings:
Effortless elegance

Fueled with love for how intriguing accessories can define whole outfits, she started looking for a way to make statement earrings that can be worn through day and night without being too heavy. Yet are still elegant, rich and sparkling.


Colour is a key component in the concepts of Way Things Form. Whether inspired by nature or the arcitecture of exotic islands, the colours reflect the bright world around us.


Each piece in the collection is hand made with care and love. The uniqueness of each pair is defined by its anomalies. Therefore no pair is identical and differences appear between two earrings in one pair.

Finest materials

Finest metals, such as silver and vermeil gold, are used to be kind to the wearers ears. The earrings are finished with Swarovski sparkles.

Discover the collection

If you feel inspired or would like to chat about sustainability and fashion, I’d be happy to hear from you!

Mirjam Kristian

About Mirjam Kristian, founder of Way Things Form