festival outfit ideas

Festival outfit ideas –
what to pack?

There are endless creative ways for putting together festival outfits. I've got you covered with some tips and ideas of what to keep in mind when packing that luggage and heading for days and nights of dancing.

2023 update!

There are certain events and activities that are always just so exciting to dress up for. Like Christmas and a Great Gatsby themed party. And dressing up (or down?) for a festival is definitely one of them. You’ll always find the “I-only-wear-black” type of festival goers and then there are the colourful ones. Probably Way Things Form falls into the second category. Whichever direction you are going this list will serve as a quick checklist! It is mostly that less is more or more is more and great triftstore finds are a king.

I am going to take you through some ideas what to pack when heading to a festival, be it World Wide Festival in France, Jazz Re Found in the Italian mountains, Dekmantel Seletors in Croatia or Glastonbury in England. Some pieces are wardrobe staples that you probably find in your closet anyway, others might take you on a little sourcing tour.

1. the accessories

There are so many ways you can go with accessories when choosing an outfit. From head pieces to funky sunnies and large earrings to ankle bracelets. Some people even make bikinis out of fruit shaped sponges (true story! Not sure if that’s an accessory or a piece of clothing). But you guessed it – I paired my every outfit with Way Things Form earrings.  Lightweight with gold-plated silver posts you barely notice when you’ve been dancing from morning til late at night into another morning wearing one of these pairs! Read more from this article how to style large earrings with outfits. A hat is also a good idea for the daytime hangout by the beach stages. And when candy coloured nails are not enough, try murano glass rings from Venice that look like jellybeans.

way things form earrings
way things form festival outfit

2. the comfortable shoes

Style is important, but you won’t survive without a friendly pair of sneakers or other closed shoes that will carry you through the hours of dancing (and people stepping on your feet). Of course on the beach you can throw them off and dance through the sand barefoot. Or be a rebel and don’t.

way things form festival outfit

3. the jean shorts and a lace top

Everyone knows that a good pair of jean shorts is just as symbolic as jeans in general for the 21st Century. And pinch me if you find a festival where noone wears them! However, I like to keep in mind, that a new pair of jeans is often not a very sustainable choice from an environment point of view as denim has its downs in production. On this note I’d like to recommend reading “Unraveled: The Life and Death of a Garment,” by Maxine Bédat. The good news is that second hand stores are also full of denim shorts. And you can even just cut off the legs of a pair of full length jeans – voila! Fringes, rips and embroidery is almost a must and in case you’re feeling creative, why not paint them. Our minds for some reason are more creative when handling second hand clothes.

4. the summer hat

Be it a bucket hat or a straw hat, it is worthy to bring one! Going through days and nights on the beach or in the sun, a hat will be the one to save you from the heat during daytime. It comes expecially handy at festivals that take place on a beach.

way things form festival outfit
way things form festival outfit kimono

5. the colorful kimono

Flowing through the sound and heat waves it gives you a fabulous way to cover yourself from an everlasting sunshine. Especially when you’re at a festival by the Adriatic Sea, where the temperature goes 30 °C and beyond daily.

way things form festival outfit kimono

6. something different

What’s so great about funky festivals is that individualism is really embraced. You can really wear anything you like and experiment with outfits.

7. the wellies

you might not need them on the beach, but a more foresty festival outfit will always require a good old pair of rainboots.

When your outfit list is checked, throw in SPF 30+ sunscreen and sunnies!