Around North of Italy – where to go and what to see

Who wouldn't want to go to Italy? It is warm, beautiful and full of culture and style. So if you're heading to the North part of Italy, I've got you covered with amazing ideas of what to do and where to go!

Buggiano, a small medieval village of Tuscany, is actually one of the reasons Way Things Form was born. A lot of the initial inspiration came from there. No surprise that one of the most popular styles is called ‘love‘, as it is impossible to fall in love with the sunsets there. More about Buggiano later. But whether you’re flying into Milan or Bergamo airport, all the following spots area easily reachable by a rental car or a train. And if you’re on a journey of finding inspiration, you won’t come back empty handed. You might also end up with some breadsticks and risotto (yes, risotto!) in your hands.

Travelling is also why I started looking for lightweight earrings. It is a fabolous accessory, that elevates your outfit wonderfully and adds a lot of character. At the same time you want to feel confortable, which is why light weight is a crucial coponent for excellent travel earrings.

So we start the journey by heading east from Milan.

way things form in malcesine
East coast of Lake Garda and the small town of Malcesine

If I had to choose one spot to go to in Italy, Lake Garda might be it. Driving along the east coast of the lake is a breathtaking journey. You might stop at any of the villages along the way and find yourself strolling on some piqturesque cobbled lanes. The small town of Malcesine is a great choice as it is full of wonderful restaurants, bars and small shops to stock up your pasta or olive oil collection. In the summer it is also easy to get into the lake for a swim. One of my favourite places there is the Galleria d’arte Carissimi. Run by a gentlemen called Alberto, if you happen to run into the owner of the gallery, Alberto, you can be sure he can tell you a lot about all the beautiful pieces in the collection. And you might end up bringing one of the 18th century paintings home.

way things form at lake prags
Optional extra: Prags Wildersee lake near the boarder of Austria

If you’re feeling adventurous and love a bit of nature, take a longer drive up towards the Austrian boarder. In between the Dolomites you will find one of the most instagrammable spots of the area – the Prags lake. Not kidding, try searching for #pragswildersee on Instagram and you’ll find 100+k posts. But beaware – on Instagram you will most likely see photos with a beautiful blue-green lake in the background as if the influencers would be there in a remote spot. The reality is quite the opposite, during the best seasons you will find masses of tourists strolling around the lake and you will really have to work for a great angle for a photo to have no people in the background. Nevertheless, it is a fun experience and a great little hike around the lake!

way things form at venice
Venice is an obvious destination but it really is worth a visit!

The easiest way to park in Venice is in the Troncetto parking house, that is located righthand side when you drive on the Venice Island. It costs 22 eur per 24h and is absolutely worth it, as you can easily take a few minutes air-train to Piazzale Roma or just walk to the city. The ticket machines are right before the train.
If you already go to Venice, it is worth looking for a slightly more luxurious hotel to either get a canal view, balcony or a bit of a historical interior. If you want to stay central, choose something around San Marco. It is easy to find many genuine artisan shops in Venice for getting yourself a Venetian masks or something made of Murano glass. Just make sure to check that the source is local. The colourful Murano rings are an absolute favourite to match with our earrings! Calle de la Mandola is a street you might find some great small shops on. For a really cool vintage store, visit Vintageria. And if you’re planning to visit any museums, go for the Museum of Palazo Mocenigo, where you’ll find an exquisit collection of costumes and fabrics.
It is difficult to guide one through Venice as it is a type of a city where you’ll need to find your own rythm for discovering. It is a good idea to wonder around the streets that are not the most touristic ones and you might end up in some wonderful places. I also recommend to stay a bit longer than a day to have a chance for a morning coffee and crossaints at this most unique place on the Earth!

way things form and ravioli
FICO World Eatery for a foodie

To travel through the colourful world of Italian food in one place, make sure to visit the FICO World Eatery near Bologna. There’s a great selection of places for dining as well as shops to stock up on more Italian goodies. Fresh raviolis are quaranteed as well as a fun experience in itself!

Firenze, Tuscany and the beautiful Buggiano

When heading South, Firenze or Florence in English, is a must-visit place. Although slightly bigger and can easily fill a full trip, it is also somewhat cosy.

But really the whole Tuscany is magical. Hotel Villa Sermolli in Buggiano is a place that is hard to consider real. Once you leave there you might think it was a dream. It is 16th century stone castle villa filled with small stairways on different levels, lemons hanging all around and breakfast on a balcony with a million dollar view. Set around Baroque style gardens you can be sure to feel like you’re in one of the James Bond movies. Notice also the colour palette of Tuscany – from yellows to beiges and bright pinks to deep reds. Buggiano is also the name of one of the Way Things Form collections.

Cinque Terre, Rio Maggiore and Sestri Levante

The villages of Cinque Terre are known for their colourful houses on the rocky coast. Riomaggiore is one of the most popular villages, as it has an easier access and gives a great overview of the actual village lifestyle in the area. You will find huge waves crashing into the rocks and excellent photoshoot spots. It is also possible to hike from one village to another. Parking is quite tricky around the villages, so if you prefer a bit more space go for Sestri Levante. Bright blue sea with sailing boats rocking and colourful architecture will be quaranteed.

way things form in bussana vecchia
The artistic world of Bussana Vecchia

Not know to many, near the boarder of France in Liguria there is an Italian village with a unique story. It is called Bussana Vecchia. The only way there is probably by car. But you can’t drive into the village – it is possible to park before it. Notice that it is also located towards a dead end street so be aware.

Bussana Vecchia was abandoned in 1887 due to an earthquake. So it became a ghost town so to say. Now it has been renovated and repopulated by a community of international artists and creatives. The stone-lined streets are uniquely filled with galleries, cafes and shops by the community as well as colourful flowers and walls covered with greenery. The village can easily be discovered within an hour by foot. But it is definitely a place that you will remember once you’ve been there.

way things form in piedmont
Piedmont Wineries and La Cantinetta Resort

Piedmont is known as an area full of wineyards. Towards the end of the summer you’ll find endless rows of juicy grapes that make a great photo setting! And in the autumn there are food and wine festivals to celebrate the season. What you might not expect is that a lot of risotto rice is produced in this area.

In a tiny-tiny village of Mombello there is the loveliest Bed&Breakfast – La Cantinetta Resort. Beautifully decorated in a classic Italian style, the balcony overlooks a sunset. And the hosts and owners of the house are the absolute loveliest! They also produce their own wonderful wine, have a huge home museum and offer the most beautifully served breakfast. Fig trees around the house you can be sure to get a peaceful experience.

way things form at cella monte
Cella Monte

Cella Monte is a tiny beautiful UNESCO protected Italian village. Altough small, it is big in spirit. In the summer the village hosts one of the most magical music festivals – Jazz:Re:Found. But while the village is not buzzing with music, you can still find a bar, a restaurant, a grocery store and of course some wineries there. Also, picturesque stroll quaranteed!