Best secondhand and vintage shops in Helsinki

Best vintage and secondhand shops in Helsinki

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is full of opportunities for any secondhand and vintage hunter! So if you’re looking for secondhand shops in Helsinki, you can be sure you’ve arrived to one of those cities that does secondhand flawlessly. Or even better – in a futuristic manner.

Updated June 2023

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is full of opportunities for someone who is a secondhand and vintage hunter! I really think that Helsinki can be be considered one of the best cities that does secondhand right, or even better – in a futuristic manner. What’s especially intriguing about Helsinki is that they don’t only have excellent secondhand and vintage stores, but they also have a vibrant culture where buying pre-loved clothing is as normal as buying new clothes. Just a bit similar to Copenhagen. This is something quite unique as there is still so much perception about buying clothes that someone else has worn before. I can’t get my head around why though?

So what is it that is so special about Helsinki and pre-loved clothing? It was the first city where I found a secondhand clothing store that is directly connected to a ‘regular’ clothing store. It is also the first city to my knowledge that has a secondhand store in an airport! Yes, you heard it right – Vantaa airport in Helsinki is the very first airport in the world to have a secondhand store. This type of initiative is so-so impactfully important. Shouldn’t shopping secondhand be just the same as shopping for clothes in general? Unfortunately, at the moment, it really isn’t for many people.

Secondhand stores should not be only in the ‘edgy areas’ of the cities or in the outskirts where the rent is cheaper. Quite the opposite – they should be in the very centre.

So coming back to Helsinki – this is really a dream destination for anyone looking to do some thrift shopping or discovering pre-loved goods as if they are new. In Helsinki you can be sure to find some exclusive Nordic designer secondhand pieces such as Marimekko and Acne.

Best secondhand shops in Helsinki

Best secondhand boutiques in Kamppi & the city centre

Many secondhand shops in Helsinki, as well as vintage boutiques are within walking distance from each other. For example, if you navigate your way from the train station, these stores are perfect to begin your exploration.

Relove Secondhand & Cafe Stockmann

Aleksanterinkatu 52

If you are hesistant about buying pre-loved clothes, Relove Stockmann is a must-visit boutique to visit! You can barely tell that this store is secondhand. They even have a cafe at the store. The interior of the Relove boutique is super cute and the selection of clothes beautifully curated by colours and themes. I cannot emphasise enough how important I find it to have secondhand selection right at the same spots where regular stores are located. Only this way we can normalise pre-loved clothing! Relove was the first store I ever visited within a regular department store and I can honestly say they’ve done an amazing job. Relove is probably absolutely one of my favourite secondhand shops in Helsinki.

Moody Monday

Urho Kekkosen katu 1

Moody Monday is a really cosy and cute secondhand store located within Kamppi Helsinki shopping mall. They also have a cafe within the store. You can find lots of choice at different price points, whatever mood you are in on Monday. This is another store to be proud about as it’s located right next to regular stores. We need more of those to make secondhand shopping just like regular shopping.

Birka Second Hand

Fredrikinkatu 32

Birka secondhand is a beautifully branded secondhand store that features a selection of consignment based pre-loved goods. This store has both, some high-end brands as well as some high-street clothes. What’s certain, you will most likely find something from Marimekko! Overall, you can find different price points depending on what you are after. It is nicely layed out and easy to navigate, so definitely suitable for a fair beginner in the secondhand scene.


Fredrikinkatu 34

PrePorte secondhand and vintage boutique is focused mostly on highend fashion. This is the go-to place if you are after unique designer pieces. From Chanel to Zimmermann and Marc Jacobs to Kenzo, there are many known names that you can come across at the PrePorte store. Since its mostly higher price point brands you can also expect slightly higher prices compare to most other secondhand stores in Helsinki. Yet, it is worth a visit if you’re looking for an invesmtent quality piece!

UFF Vintage Fredrikinkatu, Bulevardi & Runeberginkatu

Two locations: Fredrikinkatu 36, Bulevardi 30 and Runeberginkatu 4 C

At UFF vintage and secondhand stores, you can expect to find a diverse selection of items, including clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. UFF stores feature mostly vintage style, but they do vary based on location. One thing is for sure – they are always fun! You can find some occasional modern brand pieces in some of their stores as well but UFF will surely take you through 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, making UFF vintage stores a true treasure trove for fashion enthusiasts.

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Secondhand & vintage shops in Punavuori

Punavuori is only about 5-10 minute walk from Stockmann or the Helsinki central train station. This part of the city centre has some of the best cool pre-loved clothing stores within 200m radius!

Relove Freda

Fredrikinkatu 25

Part of the same chain of boutiques like Relove Stockmann, Relove Freda is a super-cute secondhand store featuring a pretty cafe. Slightly more laid back, they have an outdoor terrace as a bonus to a beautifully curated selection of pre-loved clothes as part of their consignment selection. You can be sure to find some Nordic designer brands as well as current trend styles, all secondhand! Be aware though, it can get very busy duing the peak hours on the weekend.

Flea Second Hand

Iso Roobertinkatu 11

Flea secondhand store is a midi-premium pre-lovoed store located in a beautiful space with high ceilings and a nice interior. You can always find both, designer brands as well as high street finds, at Flea secondhand boutique. When you happen to visit on a busy day, keep in mind the queues for the dressing rooms can be quite long. However, this is definitely on my top-list of stores to visit when exploring Helsinki for thrift stores and secondhand gems.

Fida Roba

Iso Roobertinkatu 28

Fida, a bit similar to UFF, is another well-known secondhand store chain with multiple branches in Helsinki. This particular one features a diverse selection of clothing, furniture, books, and other miscellaneous items. The clothing selection is full of surprises but does require a bit of browsing to find the best pieces. Yet, I’ve found something interesting in that store every time I’ve visited!

Kaunis Veera

Albertinkatu 8

Kaunis Veera is a small refined boutique, known to be Finland’s oldest second-hand shop. This boutique features a carefully curated selection of fashionable pre-loved clothes for women who value both quality and timless style. This store is best suited for a refined taste as well as for those searching for high-end fashion gems. There’s a bit of everything – clothes, shoes as well as accessories.


As I do think that Relove has one of the best concepts for a secondhand store in general, I would also recommend making an extra effort and going Töölöntori where you can find another one of their stores. It’ll only take you about 10 minutes on a tram!

Relove Töölöntori

Sandelsinkatu 6

The third Relove boutique in Helsinki, Relove Töölöntori is located slightly out of the very centre of the city. However, it is super easy to get there on a tram, so I would recommend making that extra trip. In my experience, this store is a bit more laid back compared to the other two, but it can also get very busy during the peak times. As there are a limited number of dressing rooms it is worth planning a trip when it’s less busy. But just like the other stores, Relove secondhand has a fabulous interior and a french-like vibe with always on-spot music playing! Just like the other Relove boutiques, this is always on my list of must-visit secondhand shops in Helsinki.

UFF Vintage Töölöntori

Runeberginkatu 44

When you’ve made the trip to Relove Töötöntori, or you’re a vintage fan, there is a proper vintage UFF across the street. It is mostly true vintage, so if you’re up for digging some vintage treasures, this is the place to be!


Kallio is known as the cool area of Helsinki. In this area you can find great cafes, clubs, brunch places as well as vintage stores. Psst! For good DJs head to Kaiku. But overall, this part of the city I would say is more for a concious secondhand shopper – someone who is curious or a professional. Some digging skills are needed.

Fida Hakaniemi
Fida Hakaniemi

Hämeentie 5

Fida is a secondhand store featuring a bit of everything – clothes, accessories as well as some homeware. It is slightly messy so more suitable for those who are up for digging, but if you’re feeling adventurous, this is the place to visit. Thrift stores like Fida are the ones where you can find the best bargains as they are slightly cheaper compared to the curated consignment shops.

Almost New

Hämeentie 28 Lh 3

Almost New secondhand concept store is known as the unisex pre-loved clothing boutique. Their concept is absolutely adorable – I recommend to visit if you have a refined taste for streetwear and adventurous outfits. They do feature lots of vintage from 80s and 90s, such as T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and jeans.

UFF Second Hand Helsinginkatu

Helsinginkatu 22

This UFF shop is medium sized vintage and secondhand shop in Helsinki. Compared to other UFF locations in the city centre in my experience this one feature a bit more of modern brands. I did score a pre-loved Stella McCartney top from there afterall! They do also have more vintage style for vintage enthusiasts. The shop is a bit off the main tracks of Kallio but easily reached by tram.

Frida Marina

Kaarlenkatu 10

Frida marina is another vintage store located in the Kallio district. At Frida marina boutiqu you will find mostly clothes and accessories from the 1940’s to the 80’s, making it the perfect place for a true vintage enthusiast.

Ansa second hand

Agricolankatu 5

Ansa second hand is a small, but cute vintage store, that is meant for a true vintage entusiast. It is quircky and a bit messy, but if you’re in the area, it’s worth giving it a go! Some vintage stores can overwhelm a first-timer vintage shoppers, but Ansa second hand should be safe to discover as its only tiny!

To find all these stores (and some more that are not on the list) you can follow my  Helsinki Secondhands Google Maps