Best secondhand and vintage shops in London

Best secondhand and thrift stores in London

London, along with Paris, Milan, and New York, can most definitely be called the capital of fashion. But is it the capital of secondhand fashion? I could say, it’s not far off. Thanks to its long history as the center for fashionistas, fashion universities, and fashion weeks, London is also home to a great selection of secondhand and thrift stores as well as vintage markets holding lots of pre-loved gems.

Updated April 2024

London is one of those cities where it’s easy to shop only secondhand and vintage. Beyond the glamorous storefronts of high-end boutiques and the latest trends, there is a wonderful world in London waiting to be discovered – a world of secondhand and vintage shops. Note though that a lot of the best thrift stores in London, as well as designer consignment boutiques for pre-loved gems are scattered around town. That means if you are looking to do a full day of secondhand shopping in London, be ready to hop on a bus or the tube. The good thing about going around London for secondhand and vintage shops is that you’ll find a lot more fun on the way, be it cafes, restaurants, galleries or museums.

In the following list, I am sharing my personal favorite shops where you can find both pre-loved designer vintage as well as some mid-range pieces. I can promise you, in London one can find exquisite pieces that have graced the shoulders of stylish individuals from different generations. So I invite you to embrace your individuality, celebrate timeless style, and let London be your guide as we unlock the secrets of secondhand and vintage shopping in this fashion capital.

Secondhand and vintage stores in Notting Hill

Who doesn’t know Notting Hill? Of course, we have all seen the film, haven’t we? But what about Notting Hill for secondhand and vintage shopping? It’s pretty great I must say when it comes to thrift stores in London. You can also find some vintage markets in the area!

Retro Woman

20 Pembridge Rd

When you enter Retro Women, you’ll be transported to an era of sophistication and glamour. The boutique exudes a nostalgic ambiance, with racks adorned with classic silhouettes, feminine prints, and exquisite details reminiscent of various decades. From iconic styles to the bohemian flair, Retro Women captures the essence of vintage fashion with a contemporary twist as they offer a selection of luxury designer pre-loved goods.

Retro Clothing Exchange

28 Pembridge Rd

Don’t be fooled by the name of this shop! It is not at all only retro. This is one of the great secondhand and vintage shops of London where you can find some really exciting stuff from designer brand clothes to shoes. Make sure to also visit the downstairs as this is the place I’ve always found something good. The Retro Clothing Exchange shop fosters a sense of community and shared appreciation for vintage fashion, encouraging individuals to contribute to the vibrant world of pre-loved (luxury) style.

Oxfam Boutique - Westbourne Grove

245 Westbourne Grove

This has become one of my favourite secondhand shops run by a charity in London. It is a small boutique featuring vintage and pre-loved finds and even though it’s relatively tiny I find something great there every time! I never really expect much from there and am surprised every time. Located on the pretty Westbourne Grove street in Notting Hill, this store reflects the area in a way. It is always nicely curated and hides some mid-range designer goods as well as some hand-picked vintage.

Royal Trinity Hospice - Notting Hill
This shop is a classic charity shop, but thanks to its location it is one of those locations where you just might find some true gems. If you are visiting the secondhand shops in the area I would recommend to stop by. As this is a charity shop it is also a place for a good cause!

20 Notting Hill Gate

This is another charity shop in the area, where thanks to its premium location you just might come across some real gems. If you are discovering Notting Hill and the secondhand shops in the area, it is definitely worth stopping by. As it is run by a charity, shopping there is also for a good cause!

Secondhand and vintage stores in Queensway and Bayswater

This is not your obvious area where you’d go first thing as a tourist. Mainly because it is quite a residential area. But for thrift stores in London it maybe should be! And really, it is only a short bus ride or a bit longer walk away from Notting Hill. And you’ll find a couple of secondhand stores definitely worth visiting!


180 Queensway

Good is a well-curated beautiful secondhand boutique in London. They have multiple locations in the city, this one near Queensway being one of them. It’s a relatively small shop but always perfectly laid out based on colour and the types of garments. The shop assistants are always super helpful and the overall vibe of the Good stores is just wonderful!


61 Westbourne Grove

Traid gives a bit of a funky disco bling vintage vibe, although there is a bit of everything. It is really well curated for a fairly large vintage shop and I especially loved that they have a section for bling and sequins. Although this store is best for those, that are up for a bit of digging, I would definitely say it’s worth a visit if you’re feeling adventurous.

Royal Trinity Hospice - Queensway Shop

158 Queensway

Out of all the thrift stores in London, Royal Trinity Hospice is usually a shop at a lower price point. If you’re in the area it is worth stopping by in this charity shop. Although it is not as curated and flashy as some of the other secondhand and vintage shops in this part of London, it is for a good cause and can have some hidden treasures!

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The mainly luxury secondhand shops of Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the super-posh areas of London. And just like you might think, it also has the most luxurious secondhand and vintage shops featuring many designer brands.

Sign of the Times

5 Elystan St

The Sign Of The Times is the absolute must-visit for designer pre-loved hunters. This is such a beautiful well curated shop and you can be sure to find some gems there from luxury brands to mid-range brands. At Signs Of The Times you will find pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories from Bulgari, McQueen, Fendi, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana and more.

Loop Generation Consignment Store in London's Chelsea

295-297 Brompton Rd

The Loop Generation Consignment Store in London’s Chelsea is a trendy and unique fashion destination that combines sustainability and style. Situated in the fashionable neighborhood of Chelsea, this consignment store offers a curated selection of pre-owned designer and high-end clothing, accessories, and luxury items. When you step into the Loop Generation Consignment Store, you’ll be greeted by a chic and inviting atmosphere. The store showcases a diverse range of gently worn, carefully curated fashion pieces from renowned brands and coveted designers. What sets Loop Generation apart from regular brands is its commitment to promoting sustainable fashion practices and the circular economy. This is also one of those store where you can barely tell that it is about pre-loved clothes!

Octavia Foundation

3 Bute St

When in the area, make sure to stop by Octavia Foundation’s charity shop. You will find some more expensive items mixed in with very affordable pieces, meaning there is something for everyone. This charity shop is well organised and a little bit quirky so I would say – worth a visit!

Secondhand shops in Kensington

Kensington is a popular area known for shopping. It is also just around the corner from a lot of the sightseeing spots in London. As this is a central location you will find some really nicely curated secondhand shops in the area!


31 Kensington Church St

This is another location for the Good secondhand boutique and just like the others, it is beautifully curated and worth to visit. This particular location of the Good shop is mostly higher-end brands reflecting the fairly fancy area of the shop

Royal Trinity Hospice - Kensington

27 Kensington Church St

Similar to the Good shop in Kensington, this is also an exquisitely curated secondhand boutique carrying both designer brands as well as some high-street brands. This is one of those secondhand shops that can leave you the impression that it’s just a regular store, therefore perfect for beginner thrifters or for those that are looking for a high-quality selection of pre-loved clothes.

Secondhand shops in Marylebone

Marylebone is known for… well… Sherlock Holmes being nearby on Baker Street for one thing. But Marylebone is also one of the loveliest looking cute areas of London. Paved with pretty houses, some narrow streets and really good coffee shops, Marylebone is also home to some super fun secondhand and charity shops.

Catwalk Nearly New Designer Clothes

52 Blandford St

Step into Catwalk Nearly New and you’ll be captivated by the luxurious ambiance and meticulous selection of pre-loved luxury items. This shop is a treasure trove of gently worn garments, selling a range of renowned designer brands and coveted fashion labels. It is the place to visit for a luxury investment piece. From elegant evening gowns to stylish daywear, Catwalk Nearly New has something to suit every taste and occasion if you are after the designer names!

Cancer Research UK

24 Marylebone High St

Cancer Research charity shops in London provide a meaningful and impactful way to support the fight against cancer, just like all the charity shops in town! This particular location is one of my favorites of the Cancer Research UK chain. As it’s located in the buzzing area of Marylebone you can find some wonderful gems there. Keep in mind though it is a charity shop so it might need some digging for coming across the best finds.

Oxfam Marylebone

18 Marylebone High St

Step inside this Oxfam charity shop, and you’ll discover a treasure trove of pre-loved clothing, accessories, books and some homeware. The items available are donated by individuals and are carefully curated by the shop staff to ensure quality. Whether you’re on the hunt for a vintage fashion gem, a timeless book, or a one-of-a-kind home decoration piece, Oxfam charity shops are the perfect destination for shopping while supporting a worthy cause. In my experience, this specific location has always had some higher-end brands available along with high-street!

Secondhand shops in East London

East London is huge, I mean huuuuge area for secondhand and especially vintage shopping. But there are a couple of stores that stand out for me. If you’re after some niche, these might be the ones to visit!

Storm in a Teacup

366 Kingsland Rd

Just nearby Haggerston station, Storm in a Teacup is a one of a kind secondhand store. Relatively small, nicely curated , you will find mostly only designer secondhand pieces. The pricepoint is higher compared to a regular thrift store, but for desginer secondhand the prices are pretty good! For example, I found a beautifully tailored wool skirt by Marni. You might also spot some collectables!

Aro Archive Shop

1-3 French Pl

It is written in the name, Aro Archive Shop is for the archivists! This ultimately curated secondhand shop is one of the chicest you will find in London. The only note I would add, is that it is mainly black and white. So for a maximalist like me, there are quite a bit of shape, but in terms of colours, the style is for the minimalist. Nevertheless, Aro Archive Shop, layed out on about 4 spacious floors that are beautifully styled, is one of a kind. The selection is all luxury designer. If you’re looking to add to your collection, it’s the place to be!

Best secondhand shops in Soho and Covent Garden

If you’re visiting London as a tourist, you’ll probably go to Soho. If you live in London, you also probably go to Soho. So why not stop by one of the great secondhand shops in the area?


33 Neal St

This is one of the three Good shops in London, located very centrally in the Covent Garden area. It is also one of those stores where you can barely tell that you are in a secondhand shop. It is beautifully curated and has lots of designer and high-street treasures for reasonable prices. What I especially love about Good in general is that they believe all the clothes you could ever want are already out there. This is literally the same as my ethos about shopping for clothes and let’s be honest – you know that it’s true!


8 Ganton St, Carnaby

Mind thrift store is a relatively small store with a very good cause – they are a charity to support mental health. This one in Soho is beautifully curated and with very fair prices! When I visited, they had some nice colourful dresses and you could even find some 100% silk. There are some mid-range brand pieces as well as high street but everything is nicely layed out. If you’re in the area, definitely worth a visit!

COW Vintage

13 Short’s Gardens

COW Vintage is one of the hottest vintage stores in London. What’s unique in the store is that you can definitely find some designer vintage pieces. COW vintage carries quite a bit of your traditional vintage styles, such as denim and bomber jackets, but a selection of designer vintage is most definitely an exciting extra!

Dukes Cupboard Limited

14 Ingestre Pl

Dukes Cupboard is something different compared to everything else on this list. It is a distinctive cool retail concept that offers a carefully curated selection of pre-loved high-end streetwear and luxury fashion. It is renowned for its exclusive collections of hand-picked goods that are served to you in a beautifully curated layout. What sets Dukes Cupboard apart is its emphasis on quality, exclusivity, and an authentic representation of contemporary fashion subcultures, all of this served from pre-loved sources.

More tips for where to go secondhand shopping in London

In most of the areas of London you will probably find one of the chain charity shops.  Additionally, there are lots and lots of flea markets to discover!

Chain Charity Shops

In most areas of London you will find one (or a few) thrift stores by the charities. These are usually either Oxfam, Cancer Research UK or Royal Trinity Hospice. What I’ve discovered is that usually each specific shop is a bit like the surrounding area itself. In the most expensive areas it is more likely you’ll find designer brands in the charity shops whereas in the outskirts it can be more about high-street brands.

Flea Markets in London

London is also full of flea markets that make secondhand and vintage hunting even more fun.

🌸 I would definitely recommend checking out the Flea London at the Vinegar Yard that takes place every weekend near London Bridge. If you are already in the area, it is great to check out the Maltby Steet Food or the Borough Market.

🌸 Camden is another popular area for flea markets and vintage shops. I would recommend discovering Camden especially if you are after retro and some true vintage.

🌸 Brick Lane Vintage Market is also a great place when you are feeling adventurous and are up for digging through lots and lots of clothes.

To find all these stores (and some more that are not on the list) you can follow my  London Secondhands Google Maps