Best secondhand shops in Tallinn

Best secondhand and vintage shops in Tallinn

Tallinn is an excellent city for exploring the wonderful world of secondhand. The capital of Estonia is full of vibrant choices to discover and relatively small to make your trip smooth and joyful.

Updated August 2023

Estonians have been shopping secondhand for years mainly for the good prices, but it is only recently that the city has gained some curated secondhand boutiques. The city is now full of exciting options when you want to embrace the secondhand lifestyle of you are looking for some vintage gems. May of the stores are located near the hip areas meaning you can discover the city and discover the secondhand shops at once.

I am especially excited that Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is one of these cities where a major department store also features a secondhand boutique right next to their regular “new” selection. I believe this is the major breakthrough needed to normalise shopping secondhand.

best secondhand and vintade shops in tallinn

Consignment and curated secondhand shops in Tallinn

Tallinn is gaining more and more curated type of secondhand stores, most of them being nicely layet out consignement stores. I am excited to see the secondhand scene constantly growing.

Riisaikel (2 locations)

Tatari 64/2 and Liivalaia 53 Stockmann (2nd floor)

Riisaikel is probably one of my favourite secondhand shops in Tallinn, Estonia. They are the ones making secondhand stylish and a lifestyle. And I always praise those that bring secondhand into regular department stores! Similar to Helsinki Stockmann, the Stockmann department store now has also a secondhand stection featured. This is truly the way to normalise secondhand shopping. This location has some designer and higher end pieces to discover.

So Riisaikel is really great because they always have an overall exciting selection in both locations. It is a consignment style store where people bring their clothes to sell but somehow this is usually the place to spot the unique exciting items. My best finds have been a Peter Pilotto PJ inspired set (original price around 1500€) which I found for 60€. And secondly a ROTATE Birger Christensen dress that I found for 25€ (originally around 400€+). I don’t necessariliy shop secondhand because it’s much cheaper but every now and then I am truly shocked what bargains you can find for branded clothes that are literally as good as new.

Bazaar (2 locations)

Balti jaama turg 2nd foor and Soo 1b-7

Bazaar is slightly similar to Riisaikel, as this is also a consignment store, but it tends to be with a slightly messier setup. It features clothing racks that people rent and use to sell their clothes and the stores are relatively nicely layer out, but they are also larger and therefore it takes more time and effort to brows through. Of course a larger choice can also be a good thing. From time to time they also feature clothing racks from celebrities. The two stores are within a walking distance from each other and the area itself is also definitely worth a visit when visiting Tallinn.

Arena kirbuturg

Jalgpalli 21

Arena kirbiturg is a fairly new consigment style secondhand shop in Tallinn, Estonia. Located in an interesting building – a football arena, you will find it slightly outside of the very centre of the city. It is still really easy to get there so don’t hesitate to make the extra trip! Arena kirbuturg has a nice curated selection of clothing that people sell on consignment basis. It is not the fancies designer brand consignement store but you can find some occasional gems. The interior is welcoming, fresh and nice and the shop assistants always helpful.

Best vintage shops in Tallinn

These are the places if you’re looking for your vintage denim and fur, retro sunnies or a drop waist dress.

Kopli Couture

Telliskivi 60a-5

Kopli Couture is a really cute and sweet vintage shop located right within one of the hot hip areas of Tallinn – Telliskivi Creative City. It is in a fairly small space making it a cosy boutique. A true vintage enthusiast will most definitely love that store as they feature some unique high-quality hand picked pieces. Their selection is nicely curated, slightly quircky and eclectic and placed within a wonderfully matching interior. Definitely worth a visit when in Tallinn!

Sveta vintage

Balti jaama turg 2nd foor

Sveta vintage is the only vintage store in Tallinn that I know offers some unique rental pieces. Whether you are looking to dress like you’re in Great Gatsby’s 20’s or just feel like embracing some feathers, Sveta might be the place to visit. Let’s be honest, renting your outfit is just as sustainable choice for refreshing your wardrobe like shopping secondhand.

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Best thrift shops in Tallinn

Before curated shops arrived to Tallinn, the thrifting culture was already hot. There are multiple thrift shops to check out for spotting bargains.

Humana and Humana Vintage (multiple locations)

Pärnu maantee 66 and Kaubamaja

Kotzebue 27 and Tartu maantee 29 (Vintage)

Humana is one of the most popular thrift shops in Tallinn. This is a chain of stores that can be found in multiple locations. The above mentioned four are the ones closest to the city centre but you will find more outside of the centre. There are two types of Humana stores – regular and vintage. What I love about Humana is that when you visit them on specific dates they will have prices such as everything 3€, 2€ or even 0.50€. You can check the dates on their website. Humana mostly features high-street brands but you can occasionally find some really great gems as well. My best find? A French Connection woollen autumn coat that looked like new. This was probably with an original price of 300€+, but I bought it for 25€.

Uuskasutuskeskus (multiple loctions)

Liivalaia 29, Erika 14 (Arsenal) and Mustamäe tee 5

Uuskasutuskeskus is a type of charity thrift store that features a variety of items. In these stores you’ll find anything from homeware, clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, kitchenware to lots of other things you might want to buy secondhand. The quality of clothes really varies but that’s also quite common for charity shops. These stores are definitely for these secondhand enthusiasts that are looking for cheap prices and willing to dig into lots of clothing. Uuskasutuskeskus charity stores are usually fairly well organised. There are more than these three locations in town in case you are arond a different area. I also really like their approach to collection – all items they sell are donated and sold for charity. For collection they allow you just to bring in your goods and leave them to the collection point. No need to even interact with the shop assistants.

Paavli kaltsukas

Paavli 6

This store is for the proper pros. Paavli Kaltsikas is a huge thift store full of clothes and shoes of all types and styles. They also have some homeware to discover. If you feel like digging then Paavli Kaltsukas is the place to be. They also have Paavli Angaar next to it that is an extension of the store – even a larger space full of real bargains for cheap prices.

To find all these ‘thrift stores near me’ in Tallinn you can follow my  Tallinn Secondhands Google Maps.

The map includes more spots than I’ve listed in the article!

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