Best secondhand stores in Vienna

Best second hand and vintage shops in Vienna

Vienna has a thriving secondhand scene, offering a wide range of options for those interested in shopping for pre-owned items.  From secondhand stores in Vienna you can find a bit of everything, be it designer brands or high street fashion.

Updated June 2023

There are plenty of secondhand clothing stores in Vienna that offer a mix of contemporary and vintage clothing for both women and men. What’s rather special is that you can find quite a few unisex secondhand stores in Vienna. At the same time there is the central area that is fully focused on luxury highend pre-loved items. So unlike some other cities, Vienna can be uniquely separated into two main areas for second hand shopping – the centre serves the luxury hunters and the South West part of town serves the quircky-cool. Either way, when you are exploring the exquisit architecture and breathtaking history of Vienna, it is worth adding secondhand shopping on your agenda.

Kollaaz Best Secondhand shops in Vienna

Neubau & Mariahilf

Neubau is probably my favourite area in Vienna, it’s where to cool kids go. It’s also my favourite area for secondhand shops in Vienna. Neubau has lots of great secondhand stores, but not only. You can also find many awesome artsy cafes and restaurants, galleries and avant-garde shops in the area. Mariahilf is right next to Neubau, so it makes sense to discover these two areas on one journey.

Burggasse 24 Vintage Shop

Burggasse 24/8

This might be one of the coolest vintage stores I’ve ever visited. And by that I mean a store that carries specifically vintage from different eras and renowed brands. Burggasse24 has an absolutely wonderful interior, layout as well as top-notch curation. There’s enough space left to let your mind wonder and imagination fly, while the high windows let in the natural light for a peaceful shopping experience. They also have a super cute cafe with an outdoor terrace that you can enjoy on sunny days!

Uppers & downers

Burggasse 46

This is another beautifully curated secondhand store that doesn’t necessarily feel like a secondhand store. So you’re safe to visit in case you’re a beginner in shopping pre-loved. The creative interior of Uppers & downers will lure you in in the most positive way! Either way, whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll find a well edited store that’s easy to navigate and offers clothes in different price points, including lots of designer pieces.

Vivkitsch Second Hand & Concept Store

Hermanngasse 19

This is a sweet quircky colourful secondhand shop in Vienna that you want to visit purely for the emotion you get when you enter! It’s bright colours, funky interiour and a positive vibe will surely put a smile on anyone’s face that’s visiting. They have a small curated selection of pre-loved clothing, accessories and shoes, and they also feature menswear! This is your go-to spot for items that you can literally call “cool & quircky”.


Hermanngasse 13

This lovely little retro shop is full of vintage treasures at reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for some secondhand leather or some pre-loved vintage, this is the place to visit. The selection is well looked after in good condition and neatly sorted by type and colours.

Babäm! Second Hand Fashion

Lindengasse 7

Babäm! is a slightly more quircky secondhand store compared to some more refined curated stores. But the name kind of gives it off anyway. This is the perfect spot for friendly prices for some trendy pre-loved clothes. It does require some digging as its rather large and diverse, but if you are willing to put in some effort and after some bargains, it is definitely worth a visit!

Fräulein Kleidsam

Gumpendorfer Str. 10-12

This beautifully curated vintage store, Fräulein Kleidsam, is only slightly outside the Neubau district, located in Mariahilf. It is a small space featuring beautifully edited selection of pre-loved clothes from luxury and mid-range brands. You can also find some staple vintage pieces at this store. I found my favourite pair of yellow vintage Esprit cargo pants from that store.


Mollardgasse 13

Polyklamott features a selection of pre-loved items handpicked with the utmost attention to detail. The items are in great condition and you will most likely find something unique there. What’s great about Polyklamott secondhand and vintage store is that unlike many other stores, you can also find some menswear there. Make your way to Polyklamott if you are after some quircky cool pieces.

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Innere Stadt - the city centre of Vienna

When you visit Vienna, you’ll probably visit the city centre for sure. It is where a lot of the beautiful historical architecture and sightseeing is located. But the good news is – you can also find some pre-loved treasures at the very heart of the city! Note that the centre is mostly dedicated to luxury pre-loved and vintage clothing stores. A bit similar like in Copenhagen.

First Fashion Second Hand - Bekleidungshandel

Krugerstraße 10

First Fashion Second Hand is a store for luxury pre-loved goods hunters. If you are after some premium name brands, this is the place to visit. You’ll find clothing, accessories, bags and shoes to choose from, all mostly from designer brands. It’s easy to spot the store as it literally has two large hand outlines displayed on their storefront.

Das Neue Schwarz

Landskrongasse 1

Das Neue Schwarz is a small refined designer vintage boutique. Margiela, Balenciaga, Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, Vetements, CDG – you name it, you’ll probably find it there – pre-loved or vintage! It’s bold, it’s exciting and it’s most definitely out of the box. The price point is according to the name brands, but if you’re after a unique investment pieces, this is the boutique to visit.

Bocca Lupo

Landskrongasse 3

This is another luxury secondhand store in Vienna. It’s mostly high end designer brands, therefore also at the higher end of the prices. It’s worth visiting if you’re looking for some vintge designer goods to invest in.

Silvia Milano

Schultergasse 4

Just like the city centre of Vienna is – Silvia Milano is also a luxury secondhand boutique featuring mostly European desginer brands. From pre-owned Valentino to Chanel and Fendi to Louis Vuitton, most of the items are from the major catwalk brands. Head to Silvia Milano boutique when you’re after some vintage investment pieces. A beautiful light interior and tasteful curation serves as the perfect space for secondhand luxury shopping.

To find all these stores (and some more that are not on the list) you can follow my  Vienna Secondhands Google Maps

If you noticed any stores on the list that are not there anymore, let me know on!

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