Copenhagen best second hand and vintage stores

Best secondhand and vintage shops in Copenhagen

If I were to rank cities based on the quality and amount of secondhand stores they have, Copenhagen is probably #1. Whether you are after designer brands, vintage or just ongoing season’s trends, Copenhagen has it all pre-loved!

Updated February 2024

Copenhagen is just the perfect place for living a #nonewclothes lifestyle. From everyday minimalism or maximalism to parties and summer festivals – you can find it all! If you’re new to shopping secondhand, I’ve shared my experience on how to make more sustainable fashion choices here.

Although I have gone through quite a bit of Copenhagen’s pre-loved scene (probably most of it!), the reality is that there is even a lot more than in the following list. However, I have listed the ones that I truly believe are the coolest and the most adorable.

In this overview I am covering a list of secondhand shopping areas as well as individual shops located around Copenhangen. I’ve also included some tips for finding Copenhagen flea markets (loppemarkeds).

best secondhand and vintage shops in copengagen

Secondhand & vintage stores around Amagerbro

Amager is one of the best areas for secondhand shopping in Copenhagen as it has many stores all in one area. From curated boutiques to charity shops. And all the stores are within 15-30 min walking distance or a couple of minutes on a bike! You can navigate your way from Amagerbro metro station or do it like to Danes do – on a bicycle.

KBH Deluxe

Amagerbrogade 57

This is one of the most beautiful curated secondhand stores in Copenhagen. KBH Deluxe has a variety of known brands in different price points. If you are looking to score some Danish designers, this is definitely the shop to go for. From muted tones to bold & colourful, KBH Deluxe really does offer such a wonderful curated selection. If you didn’t know that this store is secondhand, you could easily think it’s a regular store.

Kabomani Frederiksberg

Amagerbrogade 48 C

Kabomani (formerly called Tapirus) is one of my go-to consignment and curated style secondhand stores in Copenhagen. They bring together a large collection of people’s closets, but the cool thing is that everything is curated by colour and style. So it is easy-breezy to browse. You can find both, Danish premium brands (such as Stine Goya or Ganni) as well as high street brands in their selection. In case you are in Copenhagen longer, it is worth registring an account through their app, which allows you to collect points that you can use to sell your own clothes at the store. A full circle!

Bob & Lutetia

Amagerbrogade 161

Bob & Lutetia is a small adorable curated vintage and secondhand store, mostly featuring well looked after vintage pieces. This is one of those stores that feels like you are entering someone’s little world. It’s super cute and pretty. They also sell some beauiful yarn as well as some handknitted pieces made from these yarns. So you can shop for handmade knitwear if you feel like it!

Ganni Secondhand Section (corner of Torvegade and Overgarden Oven Vande streets)

Overgaden Oven Vandet 40

I always get excited when brands come forward and up their game with tapping into the circular fashion model. The Ganni store just off Torvegade, on Overgarden Oven Vandet, features a small area of secondhand Ganni. The store itself is of course marvelous as Ganni is. But for those, that are just starting their secondhand journey, it can be a dangerous place to go. All of the beautiful new production pieces are still in the limelight of the store. I am really hoping that brands will continue to grow their efforts in making the business model of fashion more circular!

There are more secondhand stores around Amagerbro, such as 2nd hand by Nutid and Folkekirkens Nødhjælp Genbrug, but the above mentioned are my favourites!

Secondhand shops in Nørrebro, Elmegade street & around

In the Nørrebro area you will find a selection of boutique-like secondhand stores as well as some charity shops. It is also an area for good coffee shops so if you need to refuel for your pre-loved shopping spree, it’s exactly the perfect place!

Tú a Tú

Jægersborggade 30, 2200

This secondhand boutique is full of treasures from premium Danish brands, maximalist colourful style and some neat Danish high-quality minimalism. If you are after Ganni, Stine Goya or Second Female, I highly recommend to discover Tú a Tú.  It also has a really cute character and is located in an area full of lovely cafes and bakeries. This is one of those secondhand stores where you can barely tell that you’re in a store featuring pre-loved clothes. I would also recommend this one if you’re after something special for a party or a special occasion.

Hello Good Buy

Elmegade 18

Hello Good Buy is one of the secondhand boutiques of Copenhagen that just has a wonderful vibe. It is beautifully curated store with great interior. The store features Danish brands as well as some high street brands, but everything kind of melts together into a unified style. This is also one of these secondhand stores where you can’t necessarily can tell that you’re in a store featuring only pre-loved clothing. But when shopping at the store you can be sure you’re investing into a good buy rather than feeding the fashion wheel of overproduction!

Kabomani (formerly Tapirus)

Falkoner Alle 41

This is one of the newest (and best) secondhand stores in Copenhagen as of 2024. A sister store to Kabomani in Amager. Kabomani is well curated by colours and styles and offers multiple options at different price points. What’s interesting is that they do sometimes have some specific Danish designer pieces sometimes slightly cheaper than some other stores. I spotted two beautiful dresses of Stine Goya, one  of them being a checkered dress in the signature shape. So the Kabomani in Frederiksberg is definitely worth a visit!

Mochi Copenhagen (2 locations, one in Nørrebro and other in the city centre)

Jægersborggade 31 and Studiestræde 8A (city centre)

Mochi Copenhagen is really something else. An absolutely gorgeous Japanese vintage boutique that features only quality natural materials, such as silks, wools, cashmere and cotton. The selection of clothes and bags is really truly unique. If you’ve recently watched Beef on Netflix and got inspired by the main character’s outfits, this might be the place to up your chic minimalist game. The boutique is mostly in the higher price point range, but you can be sure that any item from there is a long-lasting investment piece.

Second Wardrobe

Egegade 2

Entering Second Wardrobe is a bit like entering someone’s closet. The selection is absolutely fabulous, featuring treasures of cool brands, shapes and statement pieces. Unlike some of the other mentioned boutiques, Second Wardrobe is slightly less neat and polished. But don’t be fooled by this description, as Second Wardrobe is a secondhand boutique is perfect for anyone looking for some cool brand pieces as well as statement outfits.

Flea market tip: Veras market on Sundays

Every Sunday, you can find the Veras Market flea market coming to life under a bridge at Nørrebro. It’s a lively place to visit with lots of digging around the stalls. Find it at Bispeengen 12, 2000 Frederiksberg.

Nørrebro has many more secondhand, charity and vintage shops, including Red Cross Op Shops and some hardcore vintage stores. But the above mentioned list covers my absolute favourites!

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Secondhand boutiques in Copenhagen City Centre – Indre By

In the city centre of Copenhagen you will find most of Copenhagen’s premium and luxury secondhand store. But you will also find some boutiques that have clothes for various price points.

Fry’s Secondhand

Vester Voldgade 6

I kind of want to say that about many secondhand stores on my list, but this one – Fry’s Secondhand – truly is one of my favourite secondhand stores in Copenhagen. Mainly because its beautiful character and interior. The lavender purple and yellow interior and absolutely gorgeous artworks on the walls make is one of the uniquest and sweetes stores to visit. It is a fairly small boutique and features a beautifully curated selection of Danish brands as well as some high street pieces. The selection is a wonderful harmory with the interior. You will find it easily by spotting the lavender bike rack in fronnt of the store!

Collectors Cage (2 locations in the city centre)

Købmagergade 55 and Amagertorv 31

Ever dreamt of a classic Bottega Venetta Intrecciato or maybe a Dior’s Book Tote bag? Well, this is the spot (or in fact, two stores = two spots) for finding these and many other iconic bags for your designer bag collection! Collectors Cage is the largest retailer specialised in vintage designer bags in Denmark. And one of the biggest in Europe. So you can expect some gracefully aging beautiful leather as well as many iconic pieces, such as Louis Vuitton travel bags and Fendi baguettes. Although their meticulously layed out store and extremely warm welcome by the personal is worth a visit in person, Collectors Cage also has an online store at!


Antonigade 9

If you were to choose one store to visit for a luxury treat, this would be Lula, the luxury vintage store of Copenhagenn. It is a fairly small boutique but it is definitely full of some real treasures. From vintage Gucci, Chanel and Prada to Valentino and Stine Goya, you can be sure that this is a place for your secondhand investment pieces. Head to the low second floor from the tiny chairs and you will arrive at a true fashionista wonderland that allows your imagination go travelling. There is also a super adorable cafe connected to the store.


Pilestræde 46

When you head a couple of steps downstairs to this secondhand heaven you will discover a beautifully classy and stylish boutique. It mostly features pre-loved pieces from premium Danish brands but the price point varies and there is a bit for different tastes. It is absolutely gorgeously curated and you can barely tell you’re at a secondhand shop.

OSV Secondhand Fashion

Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 4

OSV Secondhand Fashion boutique is a store with character and modern style. The store is located in a building with large windoes so you can experience shopping in wonder daylight should you visit during the daytime.  At OSV secondhand store you can find lots of edgy pieces from Danish brands as well as some high street pieces. This store has also an excellent  selection of menswear. It is realitvely small, but it’s mostly superb quality and styles. Keep your eyes open for some cool shoes and bags, as they OSV secondhand store features also some great accessories.

Time’s Up Vintage (2 locations)

Krystalgade 4 and Magasin du Nord

Time’s Up vintage at Krystalgade 4 is another go-to store for luxury vintage teasures. It is a bit more polished and classy compared to Lula store. This is the store yo want to visit if you’re looking for premium service and lots of classic vintage luxury styles. You can of course find some statement pieces as well-

Time’s Up Vintage at Magasin

A couple of premium shopping centres around Europe (for example, Stockmann in Helsinki and Tallinn) have now started introduing secondhand stores also within their womenswear sections. The premium Copenhagen shopping centre Magasin is exactly like that. Within Magasin shopping centre’s womenswear floor you can find a vintage section by Time’s Up Vintage. Although I welcom such initiatives with open arms, as I think that shopping secondhand should be just as normal as shopping newly produced clothing, I do think it can be a slippery road for those that aim to shop more concious. Once you’re already in the shopping mall you might get carried away in other departments as they are beautifully branded.

A secondhand mecca on its own in Østerbro

Lidkøb Østerbro

Strynøgade 7

Lidkøb Østerbro is a bit in the outer area of Copenhagen. But don’t be fooled, it’s worth the trip! It is a huge consignment style secondhand store. The first time I walked in I thought this store is not my usual favourite. It is slightly messy in layout and it really is massive so you better bring your secodhand shopping a-game! So once I got discovering, I realised this place is full of treasures. From Ganni to Second Female and Samsøe Samsøe, you can really find many of the mid-premium brands there.

Theis shop is a consignment style secondhand store, so it means it depens on every specific rail, but it seems a lot of people are willing to send lovely pieces into a second round.

Vesterbro Central - Best Red Cross Op Charity Shops of Copenhagen

If you are looking for the charity shop style secondhands, there are a few Red Cross Op Shops in a walking distance at Vesterbro Central. With Red Cross Op Shops it’s always a bit of a gamble whether you’ll find something inspiring in their stores. I also consider these to be stores more suitable for the „professional“ trifters, as the selection is not  as curated as in some other secondhand stores in Copenhagen. It just takes longer to dig through the rails to find some treasures. What I do really like about Red Cross Op Shops is that they also have homeware. So if you’re in need of some tableware, it’s worth exploring the Red Cross Op Shops!

Copenhange flea markets - loppemarkeds

Most flea markets take place on Sundays and not necessarily all year around. So as most secondhand stores are closed on Sundays, the flea markets take over. Here are a couple of flea market recommendation to check out as well as some tips! But do your research as depending on a day, there are so many more, especially in the summer time.

Broens Gadekøkken loppemarked – the flea market of Broens Gadekøkken

Strandgade 95

This is especially cool as its located near the street food area of Broens Gadekøkken. Once you get tired of shopping, you can grap some food or some Danish beer and go hand out by the canal. This flea market is also superclose to the must-visit tourist spot Nyhavn colourful houses. Check out the dates here.

Sommerloppe Med Tørvejrsgaranti

Øresundsvey 6

One of my favourite Sunday markets. Lots of locals selling their pre-loved clothes! You can be sure to find highstreet brands as well as some gems like Ganni or other Danish brands at really friendly prices.

Veras Market

Bispeengen 12

Veras Market is a large, festival-like market full of joy! It is rather busy, so put your best thrifter-vibe on for some digging when you visit. It is located in the North part of Copenhagen and can be easily reached by bike. Make sure to have cash or Mobile Pay for payments.

When searching for other flea markets here are a couple of tips:

🌸 Most loppemarkeds (flea markets) in Copenhagen take place on Sundays

🌸 Seach Facebook events by the word “loppemarked” to find flea markets taking place on a specific date

🌸 Bring cash or make sure you can use Mobile Pay as most people selling at the flea markets don’t have machines for card payments

🌸 If you haven’t picked a specific market it is fairly easy to come across one when just biking around Copenhagen on a Sunday!

Check out the online secondhand shops guide, if you prefer shoping online!

To find all these stores (and some more that are not on the list) you can follow my  Copenhangen Secondhands Google Maps.

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