best online secondhand shops

Best online secondhand shops and luxury consignment stores

Have you ever wondered what it takes online secondhand shops to curate a great e-store?

Updated 2024

Let me tell you – a lot. Why? Because unlike fast fashion brands, that photograph an item once and sell 1 000 000+ pieces of it can afford the photoshoot to be fancy. Online seocondhand shops owners have to be clever. A single photoshoot can only result in one sale. That also means that curating a really well presented e-shop is quite a challenge.

But I am so extremely exited that there are many online secondhand shops doing a great job. And even more excited to share my favourites with you!

That’s also why it’s more difficult to built distinctive and known brands when it comes to online secondhand stores. Unlike large department stores and their massive marketing budgets, shops selling pre-loved clothes must be oh-so-much-more creative with their visual merchandising online.

That’s also why I’ve decided to put together this list of the best secondhand and thrift shops that are available on the internet! To be fair, that is the best way how the selection can be seen by the largest possible audience.


Best luxury and designer online secondhand shops

It’s super great that these days we have a selection of online secondhand boutiques for different price points. Pre-loved designer consignment shops being one of them. In a way, that’s also the sweetest – you can really find some gems in those stores! It’s also a more accessible (and of course sustainable!) way to invest in some of your favourite designer items.

Vestiaire Collective

Name a brand and type it in Vestiaire Collective search – you’ll discover a true wonderland of fashion. And guess what – you’ve also made a sustainable choice! Vestiaire Collective is probably the most popular and one of the largest second hand luxury and designer reseller. It is also ideal for sourcing your iconic luxury pieces, be it Levi’s jeans, Louboutin heels or Dior sunglasses. And it is also the perfect place for finding your special occasion outfit – you’ll really find an endless choice of exciting maximalism (or minimalism if you prefer), both as dresses and other clothes. Vestiaire Collective is the pure proof that it is really so easy and possible to keep the excitement of fashion when only shopping preloved clothes. The good thing about Vestiaire Collective is that it is available in most countries. And they do authenticity check on some items, meaning you can be sure about what you’re getting.

The RealReal

The RealReal has multiple brick-and-mortar shops in the US, including New York (of course!), but their online store is available for everyone anywhere. And this is THE one where you’ll find all the luxury you might dream of. Even if you are after a Hermes Birkin bag, that’s the online shop you might find it from. What I really like about The RealReal is that their online curation is really clean and well presented. You can barely tell that the pieces are pre-loved.

Loop Generation

This is a London based luxury consignment shop that you can also visit in the city of London. But they do also have an online store, which is great! The physical store is absolutely beautifully laid out and to be honest, you can’t really tell that the pieces in this boutique are secondhand when you walk in. The same goes for their e-shop – it’s beatifully curated, clean and modern.


If you’re looking for pre-loved Hermes, Gucci, Dior or Chanel, this is the place to go. It’s a classy desginer consignment shop online for pre-loved items that is beautifully presented. Might be also the perfect place for your desginer investment piece! In a sustainable sauce of course, as pre-loved designer is the way to go!

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times is based in London, Chelsea and has been trading for over 35 years. But they are also an e-shop! So if you’re not in London (see full list of local stores here), you can still browse their excellent choise of pre-loved designer items. From secondhand designer handbags to fabulous dresses, browse your way through a selection of fashion-wonderland.

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Online secondhand shops to discover for different price points

The best thing for sustainabily and fashion that has happened is bringing pre-loved into online secondhand shops. Here’s a list of online stores to discover from different price points. Do bear in mind to check the delivery destinations, as not all of them deliver world-wide. Luckily, there is still something for most countries.

7 online secondhand shops for accessible price points

The following list is all about online secondhand shops that are the most traditional online consignment and thrift stores. You can both buy and sell secondhand clothes. They are all a mix of high street fashion, some mid-range price points as well as an occasional designer piece. All these stores are definitely an excellent alternative to any fast-fashion shopping haul. And most definitely you’ll also save some money when opting for a secondhand selection.

Do check our their delivery locations to make sure you’re country is on the list.

ThredUP –

Vinted –

Manifesto Woman –

Depop –

Poshmark –

Sellpy –

ReRobe –

Trendsales (Denmark only) –

Trendsales is a great source for online secondhand shopping if you are based in Denmark. Scandinavia in general has a really lively secondhand scene, so definitely worth a try to shop online if you’re local. But I do recommend discovering the local brick-and-mortar shops in Copenhagen (listed here). Copenhagen really is one of the greatest cities for secondhand!

Yaga (Estonia and South Africa) – – Estonian site & – South Africa site

Yaga is another great platfrom for buying and selling secondhand clothes. You can find them in two countries at the moment – Estonia and South Africa. The range of clothes is very community driven and you’ll find lots of items from various price points.

Small curated secondhand boutiques online

These are the sweetest of all the online secondhand shops. These stores are curated with passion and care. And they usually have their own distinctive style. Make sure to check their delivery options.

Watson & White

Threads by Jade

Sister Sister Preloved (UK only)

If you know another online store that should be on the list, get in touch! If you like what you read, keep in touch and follow my secondhand lifestyle on Instagram.