Best vintage and secondhand shops in Stockholm

A city that is defined by the edgy-cool fashion. This is also why the vintage and secondhand shops in Stockholm are buzzing. Honestly, it is worth discovering!

Updated March 2024

I was quite curious about how the secondhand shops in Stockholm compare to the ones in the neighbouring Nordic cities, Copenhagen (see the guide) and Helsinki (see the guide). And to my surprise – all of them have their own very specific identities.

There are many curated vintage and secondhand shops in Stockholm with distinct styles, but there are also so many thrift and charity type of secondhand shops. So, a bit for everyone! The cool thing is that many of the stores are gathered to smaller areas, meaning if you’re on a secondhand hunt, you can easily get around by foot.

Best secondhand and vintage shops in Stockholm

Best secondhand shops on Hornsgatan in Södermalm

Hornsgatan is your go-to street for secondhand shops in Stockholm. There is literally one after every few meters. Here’s a list of my favourites that you shouldn’t miss!

Replace Fashion

Hornsgatan 40

Replace Fashion is a lovely small curated secondhand store. What especially caught my eye was theid jewellery selection. You will find a good range of brands and various price points. The layout of the store is easy to navigate and it feels like a pretty boutique rather than a thrifty-thrift store.

Slow Fashion Hub

Hornsgatan 29c

Slow Fashion Hub is an adorable (and enjoyably colourful) secondhand store with a heart! The relatively small store combines 3 independent secondhand dealers and also features a bit of slow fashion. As soon as you walk in you can tell that the Slow Fashion Hub is being run with passion. It is well curated and with multiple stores combined, has slightly different styles that you can discover.

Stockholms Stadsmission

Hornsgatan 58

Stockholms Stadsmission (translated as City Mission) on Hornsgatan is a large, well-curated secondhand store that is beautifully layed out by colours and styles. The store has recently been renovated and built up in a new concept. Stockholms Stadsmission has multiple locations, as this is one of the chain thrift and secondhand shops in Stockholm. This location seems to be the only one with elevated concept. This store is easy to navigate and features clothes from different price points, from highstreet brands to more premium. Some people are disappointed that the old thrift store was updated like this, but for someone that doesn’t know the previous version, it is a great store to check out! There is also a small section of upcycled clothing, which is supercool.

Judits Second Hand

Hornsgatan 75

Judits Second Hand is one of my favourite secondhand shops in Stockholm, and a must visit – it is a medium size store that has a lot to discover, features multiple price points and a great selection of brands, from high-street to premium designer brands. I spotted a beautiful Kenzo roll neck sweater with a signature tiger embroidery made of 100% wool. And you know how I am about my knit materials – it must be natural! On a Saturday afternoon Judits Second Hand was filled with people and you might have to queue for the dressing rooms. But the setup of the store, curation and vibe is excellent!

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Best secondhand shops around other areas in Södermalm

If you go off Hornsgatan and explore the area around, you will find even more vintage and secondhand shops in Stockholm. These are only a few of the good ones but the area is literally full of stores to discover.

Siv & Åke

Sankt Paulsgatan 20

Siv & Åke is a bautifully curated concept store that features handpicked vintage clothing and accessories from Italy. In one phrase – this store is all about great fabrics! If you are looking for a silk shirt, they have many to choose from, and boy these are fluid and soft like flowy water! You will also find cashmere and other premium knits. The whole concept as well as the interiour of Siv & Åke is unique and attractive. This is maybe one of the most stylish secondhand shops in Stockholm.


Åsögatan 136

Alright, hear me out. This is mainly menswear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go there as a woman! Who said that women can’t wear the cool looks of the men? Ettresex is an independent store, a highly curated secondhand Shop in Stockholm. The main focus is on pre-owned designer and vintage clothes, including premium designer brands from Europe, USA and Japan from the 80s, 90s, early 2000s.

Napoli Vintage

Sankt Paulsgatan 3

Naopli Centrale Italian Vintage is a vintage store that… you guessed it – brings all things Italiat to Stockholm! The store is full of cool vintage items and the overall vibe is great. You are welcomed by superfriendly staff and a well-curated selection. Naopli Centrale Italian Vintage is for the true vintage lovers, so expect great leather pieces, jackets, coats and shirts.


Swedenborgsgatan 3

STHLM Grön has done one thing really well – its interior. It looks premium and feels cool, just like Stockholm. The only thing I was slightly unsure about was the selection of clothes. The store is nicely layer out and there are a few good pieces, but I couldn’t exactly pin down the overall  quality or the style of the clothes when I visited. Nevertheless, STHLM Grön has done a great job with presenting secondhand fashion gracefully so definitely worth to pay a visit! You will find some pieces from designer items to vintage clothes, y2k, sweaters, jeans, blazers, jewelry, shoes, dresses and more.

Squid Market

Gamla Brogatan 26

Squid Market is not is Södermalm, but if you are expanding your area, it is worth heading to Norrmalm, and Squid Market is a great one to start with in the area! Expect well curated designer pieces.

Secondhand shops to discover in with multiple locations

Stockholm has multiple chain secondhand shops that are worth discovering! You will find them in many areas of the city.

Arkivet (I visited Sergel)

Sergels Torg 18

Arkivet has multiple locations, but based on my visit to the Sergel location in Norrmalm, Arkivet is store full of treasuers. It is really large so you can spend lots of time here and on a Saturday it was filled with people. The store almost feels like a regular store. They feature lots of highstreet pieces but also some premium items. The clothes are in really good condition and well presented by colours and styles. Definitely a must visit!

HUMANA Second Hand (multiple locations)

Hamngatan 14

Humana in Norrmalm is everything that a Y2K fan might wish for. It is vintage and you can expect lots of 2000’s cuts and styles. It is with a wallet friendly pricepoint, youthful and fun.


Myrorna is one of Sweden’s largest chains of thrift stores – they have multiple locations in Central Stockholm and around. Depending on a store, this is one of those thrift stores, where you never really know what you might find. But it does require some willingness to dig quite a bit. Myrorna is definitely the one for the pro- thrifters and for those that are not necessarily looking for superneat curation.

To find all these stores (and some more that are not on the list) you can follow my  Stockholm Secondhands Google Maps.

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